ProVideo Theme Tutorial

ProVideo is a Drupal 7 Responsive Video Theme that has an elegant and simple design for visitors. ProVideo has a ton of nice features to get your Drupal video project off the ground.

The Drupal ProVideo theme is the second Drupal video theme that has FFMPEG support (through the Drupal video module) and it handles video thumbnail creation and video playback. The first video theme we released, the GoVideo theme, was our first video theme. ProVideo allows you to create a niche video website for any topic or industry and have your own video website up and running within minutes with the profile installation provided with this theme.

Some other features of the ProVideo Theme for Drupal include video main page, category pages, video details page, and social media and sharing capabilities. This Drupal video theme is really clean and easy to use!

Uses popular video players of your choice: JW Player: consistent viewing experience in HTML5 and Flash, across mobile, tablet, and desktop; Flowplayer: simple and minimalistic design, fluid layout - the only completely responsive player on the market; HTML5 player. It's your choice!

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